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We established this business here in Lindale for the purpose of being able to provide the community with a premium massage and spa experience at an affordable price and to demonstrate the power of healing through touch and the proper use of herbal medicine. 

Health is not just about the alleviation of symptoms, but rather the elimination of the root cause. At Health Revolution we work toward improving the quality of life for our clients and community by providing the resources and guidance that will assist you on your path to restorative health and healing.


Allow us to make the journey with you.

Andi and Brian


“Andi is amazing and simply, the best! Can't say enough -- awesome”

David O.

“This woman is gifted and knowledgeable.. double yes ”

Dana H.

“Andi is great! When my body says I can not do this job anymore I leave with YES I CAN! She is experienced well beyond her years. She will put you at ease with her personality and her professionalism. So if you are near or far make an appointment and make the drive....She is well worth it!”

David H.